COVID-19 Resources

We have published this page as a COVID-19 Resource tool, combining information and resources from the South African Government; the Western Cape Government; the World Health Organisation and the Corona Virus SA website.

This is done in an effort to provide you with quick and easy access to resources to share with your staff.


Stay informed on COVID-19

WhatsApp support is available in English; Afrikaans; IsiXhosa; IsiZulu; and SeSotho

Coronavirus and the ‘New Normal’ – What You Need to Know





Masks - What You Need To Know

Listen To The Experts: Make Sure You Wear Your Mask the Right Way

A Step by Step Guide On How To Use and Maintain Your Cloth Mask

Wear a Cloth Face Mask & Make Sure You Continue Other Preventative Measures

Wearing A Cloth Face Mask In Public Is One Of The Preventative Measures To Curb The Spread Of Covid-19

Surgical Masks and N-95 Respirators Are Reserved For Our Healthcare Workers Who Are On The Front Line Of Our Battle Against Covid-19

Minister Mkhize Recommends Widespread Use Of Cloth Masks

How To Make Your Own Cloth Mask

Coming into Contact with Someone that Tested Positive for COVID-19

How to fight COVID-19 with Facts (IsiNdebele translation)

COVID-19 - Lockdown And Your Mental Health

Dr Ajay Makan Provides Some Tips On How To Cope During These Challenging Times

Stress, anxiety and a sense of isolation amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and South Africa’s current 5 week lockdown can add to psychological distress, and for those already struggling with mental health disorders it is now more important than ever to keep up with treatment.

COVID-19 Resource Archives and Quick Links

COVID-19 Resources Archive

COVID-19 Quick Links

Wazi Helps Explain COVID-19 to Children

Talk to your children about COVID-19!
Need some help? Let Wazi do the talking

Why We need to Stay at Home, A message from Wazi

Stay Home, a message from Wazi

Wazi says: “Don’t Touch Your Face If You Haven’t Washed Your Hands”

Wazi says: “Cover Your Mouth When You Cough”

Wazi And Her Brother Musa Share Tips On Washing Our Hands

Washing Hands Is Very Important. Wazi Asked Some Of Her Friends To Show Us How It’s Done

Wazi Gets Some Tips From Her Friends On Saving Water When Washing Hands

Wazi & Mama Yvone Chaka Chaka Say Food Parcels Are So Important During These Tough Times

Wazi Shares Her Tips On How To Wear A Cloth Mask